Concept Development & Refinement

Concept Development

The development and refinement of a product is a complex process which balances features, ergonomics, user interaction, sustainability and manufacturing options

We usually start with sketches to quickly explore multiple concepts and features before moving into the world of 3D CAD.

We are sensitive to cost, while maintaining brand and product integrity. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to respect your schedule, costs and marketing objectives.

Concept Refinement

Concept refinement is achieved with 3D modeling using the software SolidWorks. Every component becomes a digital model which allows us to simulate dimensions, weights and features which we evaluate with you on a regular basis. Your recommendations direct further refinement, which is an iterative process.

Our photo-realistic images aid in Marketing Presentations and User Input.

A critical aspect of any product is its human interface. Research will substantiate our product ergonomics and prototypes will validate user comfort. 

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