Quick Release Rowing Shoe System
The Quick Release Rowing Shoe System is a cleat assembly and shoe system which has disrupted the Rowing Industry.
While working on designing the local boathouse for the West Side Rowing Club, Buffalo architect Gerald Strickland noticed there was a need for improvement in the rowing shoe and how it was incorporated into the scull. Intrigued, Gerald asked the rowers about them, and discovered the shoes often caused a multitude of problems. The shoes are worn out, and often don’t fit the rower well, causing the shoes to sometimes slip off, often during crucial moments in a race. Being in a wet environment, they also develop an unpleasant odor. This insight gave Gerald Strickland the inspiration to design something better.
The Quick Release Rowing Shoe System is a cleat assembly and shoe system. Individual rowers are responsible for their own shoes and cleats. In addition to improved hygiene, it means no more worrying about sliding or losing leverage during a race. The cleats are strategically angled so that the feet are splayed, reducing stress on joints during full stroke, thus improving performance. The new Quick Release system permits more stability, while also providing a quick, safe release in case of an emergency.

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