Scramble Caddy

Golf Ball Scooper
The Scramble Caddy ball retriever is a golf accessory specifically designed for use during scramble tournaments.
Necessity is the mother of invention…and the inventor of this product wanted to a product to speed up the the typical Scramble tournament! ProductLogic developed this patented product to retrieve a ball from both the fairway and the bottom of a hole. 

The Scramble Caddy features include:

  • Convenient retrieval from fairways, rough and hazards, both wet and dry alike
  • Speeds up play
  • 2 modes of use: Pop it up through the bottom or scoop it up “polo-style” while driving down the fairway.
  • Lightest retriever on the market, weighing in at under 4 oz.
  • Safe. No dangling over the side to pick up a ball
  • Great for seniors and golfers who have trouble bending down to pick up the ball

Scramble Caddy is the only ball retriever that picks up a golf ball in two different ways; either while stopped or while driving down the fairway…and it can also be used to extract your ball from the cup or hazzard.

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